How our tree surgeons take care of the trees damaged by snow storms

Before we proceed to our ‘title’ did you know that a snow storm can kill your trees? After a storm some people try to cut down some trees without understanding that it can lead to further damage.

If you have trees on your property, don’t attempt the work yourself always call a professional tree surgeon as there are many risks involved. With many years of experience, our professional tree surgeons can examine the situation properly and start the recovery process. We understand that trees damaged by the snow storms may be difficult to cut down, so our professionals have all the knowledge to decide and if appropriate then start the process.

Storm damage is likely to cause partial damage or damage that simply cannot be rescued.

Uprooted condition:

  1. Tree falling on tree – These kind of trees can be safely felled using various bucking methods.
  2. Partially uprooted – These appear simple until you consider the danger involved in this process. Our professionals cut the open face-notch on the compression side to one-quarter of the trunk, then cut on the tension. This ensures the tree will fall at the desired time and within required safety measures.
  3. Uprooted and lying on the ground – There are some steps which we follow in this situation to avoid the threat of an accident on a passer by. Our professionals cut the trunk at a prescribed distance and make sure all health and safety legislation is adhered to.

Broken Trees
There are 2 common situations. If the upper portion of the tree is broken, it presents a significant danger to any one walking past. Remember, if this happens to a stranger / guest visiting your premises, you could be opening yourself up to a law suit.
If the bottom half of the tree is broken, then the tree probably cannot be rescued so get a professional tree surgeon out asap, you cannot leave this unattended.

If you’ve any damaged tree on your property (Potters Bar, Barnet, Enfield or Finchley), all you have to do is make a call and you’ll be surprised with our quick response and professional service.