Creative Uses for Your Old Tree Stumps

Normally, when our tree surgeon has finished tree cutting the remaining stumps and waste are collected and disposed of in a legally and environmentally sound manner. We’ve been thinking though about ways in which old tree stumps can be recycled to provide an attractive and unique garden feature. Maybe we’ll inspire people near to us in the Potters Bar, Barnet, Enfield and Finchley areas?

Tree Stump Plant Plot

Whether it is still in the ground or portable, a tree stump plant can make a beautiful addition to a garden. It can be used to plant flowers, herbs and plants. Succulents are also an excellent choice as they require little watering.

Small Table

If you have had a tree stump removed by a tree surgeon then why not sand it down, add a couple of coats of varnish and create yourself a delightful sitting table.

Mosaic Table

While on the theme of tables a stump can also be transformed into a mosaic table with just a tube of glue, some mosaic pieces, and an imaginative eye.

Sitting Stool

With just a small cushion and a nail gun, you can deck out your back yard with a selection of lovely looking homemade stools for when you’re entertaining.

Wall Clock

This one is a little bit fiddlier but by slicing off a small section of a stump you can create a clock for your home that will add a little rustic charm.

Small Shelf

To accompany your Arcadian clock you could use another cross-section of a tree stump for a simple yet elegant shelf.

We hope that the above tips have given you inspiration on how to ‘upcycle’ your old tree stumps. If you need a tree cutting then please contact our tree surgeon for details and the most competitive rates in the Potters Bar, Barnet, Enfield and Finchley areas.