How to choose a professional landscaper for your garden design

To help you find the right landscaper for your dream garden, we have put together this list of things to consider:

Write down things you would like in your garden, such as types of flowers, colours, play and seating areas etc. and also make a list of the things you don’t like. Roughly sketch your layout ideas and/or add a magazine picture of the setting you would love to emulate.

Decide on a budget

Armed with notes, ideas and a budget, use local ads, internet and referrals to get in touch with landscapers who know the area and seem capable of doing the job. Good landscapers will be more than happy to show off their work and give references which you can follow up. Visiting gardens and speaking with clients is one of the best ways to vet the contractors.

Based on the same specifications for each, obtain at least three quotes and keep a record of all your dealings.

At this stage you should be in a good position to choose the best landscaper for the job, considering things like workmanship, references, price and who you felt most comfortable dealing with.

Once you are ready to proceed, ask your landscaper for a written contract covering things like insurance, layout drawings, costs, completion date/s and all materials to be supplied and work to be done.

At London Trees and Landscapes we are passionate about gardens and proud of all the great references our landscape team has received. We look forward to hearing from you.