Don’t Take Risks, Get an Expert Tree Surgeon for Tree Trimming

Having trees around the home or office adds a natural appeal to your property and can also give you a welcome element of privacy. But like everything trees do require some regular maintenance. We have heard many stories of homeowners who have tried to maintain trees by themselves and suffered some serious injuries as a result. Working at heights, using chainsaws or any other equipment related to tree services without having attended and completed the right training courses is extremely dangerous.

If you are a homeowner and want to maintain your trees, you should hire a professional tree surgeon rather than attempt what appears to be ‘routine work’. A professional tree surgeon, can give a proper evaluation of the tree and all its components.

Why you should use professional tree trimming service?
All the work will be carried out by the professionals and not only will the job look better, it will also allow your trees to flourish with their expert knowledge. You tree needs to have dead or decaying branches removed and experts can spot the signs of a dying tree before it is too late – in many cases. Although trees can give you privacy there comes a point where they will make your proerty feel dark and dingy because it starts to rob you of natural sunlight. You should also consider the danger aspect where poorly maintained trees can fall on yours or a neighbours property and cause damage.

There are basically three types of tree trimming:
1. Fine Pruning: is removing small limbs to improve the tree’s appearance.
2. Standard Pruning: involves a bit more heavy cutting and is done to enhance the tree’s branch structure.
3. Crown Reduction Trimming: usually involves the removal of major branches, and should only be done when there is significant dieback or storm damage.

With frequent maintenance, trees can enhance the look, feel and value of your property without decreasing the safety of your family or creating unnecessary and costly property damage. We cover Barnet, Finchley, Enfield, Potters bar and always keep our prices as affordable as possible so that you have a top quality, experienced and affordable option to keep your trees and garden in order. So, why not have a chat about the range of services we offer and the benefits of hiring a professional tree surgeon – we are always happy to offer advice.