Four Lombardy Poplar trees removed in Potters Bar

In residential areas homeowners contact us to quote for jobs through our website or in many cases through recommendation. Most of the time, people ask us the simple questions like, can this job be done safely and efficiently? Or how much will it cost? One customer in Potters Bar needed four Lombardy Poplar trees to be removed from the property at a sensible price and with no safety issues, especially because they’re causing subsidence damage. There were some challenges because there was limited access. The team decided to utilise some specialised machinery for this project rather than a dismantling process and did everything possible to minimise the disruption. The work was completed in less than 6 hours and customer was satisfied with the outcome.

Ornamental cherry tree successfully reduced in Enfield

One recent customer decided her ornamental cherry tree had gotten too tall and ‘wild’ but wanted to keep it as it added beauty to the garden in the past. Our assessment told us that it could be successfully pruned by reducing the height and we could encourage a more compact, bushy shape too. Our customer was pleased with the work and satisfied with our fast, professional service that included all waste removal.

Leaning Poplar Tree Felled in Barnet

London Tree Specialists were called out by a Barnet customer who needed a poplar tree felled as an emergency. He explained that his tree was leaning towards the neighbours property and they had raised concerns about the safety of their property. We scheduled a survey and after the initial quote he decided to get the tree felled. When our team visited the property we planned the safest method possible i.e. “section dismantling” in order to fully control the situation. Our team did their best to minimise the risk to both people and the property below the tree. Once the job was done, we took the waste away with us and the customer was happy with our approach.