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Dead Wooding your trees will make them safer and looking much better without those dead branches.

Dead Wooding explained

Dead Wooding is essentially the removal of branches which have died due to various causes such as a lack of light, pests, disease and root damage.

Dead Wooding is mostly about removing major deadwood. Smaller branches and twigs are usually of no concern, and it is left to the experienced climber to decide on the diameter of deadwood which needs to be removed.



When to Dead Wood

Dead Wooding should be carried out before dead limbs become a safety hazard, and the good news is that this does not happen often. The branches of most trees take a long time to decay, although this can be somewhat shortened in very windy or particularly cold positions.

Trees which overhang buildings, driveways, play areas, paths or public roads should be checked for dead wood at least every few years by a professional Tree Surgeon.

Dead Wooding can be carried out at any time of the year however it is best avoided when the tree is coming into leaf.

As registered and eco-friendly waste carriers we always remove and dispose of all cuttings and debris in a legal and environmentally safe manner, recycling up to 99% of garden waste.

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